Alternative SDL-like XSLT Syntax

The need to constantly write xsl: prefix, angle brackets, verbose instructions make XSLT syntax somewhat odd for a newbie. Though the fact that XSLT is also an XML is a big plus.

The question is, can XSLT syntax be refactored to resemble syntax of regular programming language, yet without losing compatibility w/ XML?

What XSLT Processor is the Fastest?

What is the fastest XSLT processor on the planet?

  • Is it MSXML because it is implemented in C/C++??
  • Is it .NET XslCompiledTransform because it compiles XSLT stylesheets??
  • Or perhaps it is Xalan XSLTC :)

Why just not benchmark...

Extending XSLT by Patching Saxon and Xalan

The XML Pipeline in XSLT technique requires every xsl:template and xsl:apply-templates in the chained stylesheet to have mode attribute.

This could be simplified if XSLT would allow specifying mode in xsl:include. So <xsl:include href="link1.xsl" mode="link1"/> would mean "use link1 as default mode in link1.xsl":

Invoking WinAPI Functions in Delphi using Dot Notation

Windows API functions are declared in structured programming style.

For example consider classical example of using critical sections:

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