GerixSoft Projects

Funny Balloon

“Funny Balloon” is a learning game for kids starting from age 3+.

“Funny Balloon” consists of several small gaming sessions grouped by common topic. Each session consists of the material presentation and a mini-game to consolidate learning material.

Read more about “Funny Balloon” at

IndieVolume Product Box

IndieVolume is a supplement to Windows Volume Control that allows you to configure sound volume individually, per-application.

IndieVolume is for experienced Windows users dreaming about those handy features Windows Volume Control is lacking for years - per-application volume, per-application balance and mute, support of FX, support of multiple audio devices. IndieVolume has all that functionality. With IndieVolume you get the most out of your audio.

Read more about IndieVolume at


Below are websites I have created:

  • LFML
    LFML is a website for alumnis of Lviv Physics and Mathematics Liceum I have graduated. Its programming include Drupal, custom theme development. It is available at
  • Galochka
    Galochka is an e-commerce website offering hand-made clothes in Lviv region, Ukraine. It is programmed in Drupal w/ UberCart module. It is available at


OpenSource projects I have created or maintained:

  • Drupal module OpenID Selector
    I have created a module integrating Javascript OpenID Selector with Drupal's OpenID client. The module substitutes Drupal's default OpenID form with Javascript OpenID Selector widget, so users do not even need to know what OpenID URL is. The module is available at
  • Javascript OpenID Selector
    I have been responsible of v1.1 and v1.2 releases of Javascript OpenID Selector. In these releases I have fixed a number of bugs and considerably improved functionality of Javascript OpenID Selector. The project is available at

Hall of Fame

Delphi components I have created in the past:

  • AIDE2000 Services for Delphi
    AIDE2000 Services for Delphi is a Delphi expert I have developed back in the year 1999 integrating Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and implementing various refactoring patterns inside Delphi IDE versions actual at that time (Delphi 3, Delphi 4, Delphi 5). I have made it free and released source code at
  • elReports
    elReports is an unsophisticated ActiveX report generator I have developed back in the year 1999. elReports creates reports in TXT, RTF and HTML formats using template TXT/RTF/HTML files w/ special markup. I have made it free and released source code at