How to Restore guarddog in Ubuntu Natty 11.04

Canonical has a very ugly habit of removing from repositories applications that you use and love, but they think these are not "canonical".

For example:

  • gnome-app-center -- gone in Ubuntu Lucid 10.04, in favor of Ubuntu Software Center
  • Bitstream Vera -- gone in Ubuntu Karmic 09.10, in favor of Ubuntu Font

Now, if you upgrade to Ubuntu Natty 11.04 you will notice that the following packages are gone:

  • guarddog -- IMHO the best GUI for firewall configuration
  • guidedog -- I use this to setup routing and IP masquerading
  • keep -- I use this to configure rdiff-backup visually

Below is the method I use to install packages present in old Ubuntu releases but missing in new releases:

  1. Go to
  2. Locate required package directory
    i.e. for guarddog it would be
  3. Pick most recent version of the package
    i.e. for guarddog it would be guarddog_2.6.0-2.1ubuntu3_amd64.deb -- most likely this is the version used in previous release
  4. Download and install deb file using GDebi
  5. If package is not requiring dependencies that conflict w/ current release, it will install and work ok

This way I have successfully restored guarddog and guidedog in Ubuntu Natty 11.04.

However, keep is not starting, I guess because of some dependencies that are not satisfied... UPDATE: keep works ok now, I guess there was some bug in Natty that is fixed now.

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very nice tnk :)

Really nice, Thanks for this

Really nice, Thanks for this

How about guarddog in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric)?

Guarddog needs kdelibs4c2a, which is missing (but can be downloaded from the archives).
kdelibs4c2a needs libavahi-qt3-1, which is missing (and I can't find it in the archives).

Re: How about guarddog in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric)?

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