How to Configure "Old" Sans Font to Display Nicer Compared to "New" Ubuntu Font

Next version of Ubuntu will include a new font, named "Ubuntu font", that will be used as default user interface font:

Screenshot of gedit using new Ubuntu font

It is great Canonical have noticed default rendering of Bitstream Vera Sans in Ubuntu is not good, however this new font is not good either.

There is a much easier way to get nicer user interface font in Ubuntu without any new font(s).

Just go to System/Preferences/Appearance, and set Hinting to Slight and Resolution to 94 dots per inch.

Compare how above gedit window looks at my machine:

Screenshot of gedit using Bitstream Vera Sans at 94 DPI

IMHO much much nicer compared to default DPI/smoothing settings in Ubuntu and much nicer compared to future "Ubuntu font".

I am using these settings for a number of years, since Dapper, and I guess by developing new font sometimes Canonical does not realize greatness of Ubuntu itself :)

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird will emit somewhat larger fonts. To fix this for Firefox, put attached userContent.css into ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/chrome folder; to fix this for Thunderbird, put attached userChrome.css and userContent.css into ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/*/chrome folder.

userChrome.css128 bytes
userContent.css128 bytes


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