ANN: OpenID Selector v1.3 is Released

v1.3 of Drupal OpenID Selector is released and v1.2 of Javascript OpenID Selector is released.


  • Drupal OpenID Selector: new "OpenID Selector for Drupal login" and "OpenID Selector inline" submodules; localization support
  • Javascript OpenID Selector: CSS sprites; localization support

OpenID Selector for Drupal login submodule integrates Drupal's login into OpenID Selector as new account provider:

Screenshot of Drupal login form with OpenID Selector for Drupal submodule enabled

OpenID Selector inline submodule inlines OpenID Selector below regular login, hence removing "Log in using OpenID" link:

Screenshot of Drupal login form with OpenID Selector Inline submodule enabled

You can test new version w/ "OpenID Selector for Drupal login" submodule at


Mobile Sign In Issues with Facebook

The Facebook button does not work when on a mobile device. We use facebook mobile with facebook connect and all works well when we create a render fb connect button in a block but the facebook connect button does not go anywhere with the new SDK 3 when on a mobile device.

Also, would be a good idea to change drupal module hover to sitename, otherwise anyone hovering over Drupal login button can see that it is a Drupal site which is very bad for security.

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